Remote working – the answer is in the tech

Working from home, remote-working and flexible working arrangements are all phrases that have been used almost daily since lock-down was first mentioned earlier this year. With many businesses moving back out of the offices and some having never returned after lock-down, it is clear that this is something that will be around for quite some time.

All businesses, both employees and employers, will have opinions on remote-working, its pros and cons but an issue that has constantly arisen is whether the infrastructure and technology is available to those who need it at home.

Back in March, when the pandemic first arose, both employers and employees across the country rushed to get everything set-up for the eventuality of working from home. This meant a lot of rewiring of computers, phone lines and the like to make sure that working from home could be achieved by everyone.

A few months later, we saw many employers strive to make their offices “COVID-safe” and employees starting to return to their offices. Now, we are under new guidance to work from home if we can and companies are preparing for a long-stretch of remote-working for their employees.

By mid-April, many of us were working from home and to highlight the shift that occurred, it was reported than less than 30% of people had ever worked from home prior to the pandemic. With 67% of businesses looking to extend the period of remote-working – even after the pandemic – it is vital for business leaders to look at streamlining their remote-working processes to keep employees happy and productivity levels high.

Surveys issued found that almost 40% of employees had reported a downgrade of the specifications of technology that they were using at home compared with those that they had access to in the office. Whether it be that they had moved from having two screens to working on a small laptop or simply had to use outdated systems on their personal PCs, these inconveniences led to a decrease in productivity which businesses cannot afford in this current climate.

Setting employees up to work remotely so that they are able to utilise the same standard of technology and programs and thus be able to produce the same quality and quantity of hard-work is something that may seem to be costly at first. However, after taking even a brief look at the non-monetary costs of not providing that tech (lack of productivity, employee dissatisfaction) it is a no-brainer.

Whether you are looking to acquire the latest technology to make your employee’s remote-working experience as smooth as possible, inducting newbies or those who have come off furlough or even setting up a new flexible system, Lease Group are here to help you acquire whatever it is that your business needs to thrive whilst you are all remote-working.

To enable the acquisition of service-critical equipment and technologies, Lease Group offer finance on a wide range of remote-working solutions, not limited to:

– Laptops
– Desktop computers
– Screens and displays
– Mobile phones
– Tablets
– IT software
– VOIP licences
– Desktop phones
– Scanners and printers
– Peripherals (headsets, cameras etc.)

Lease Group can offer terms from 12 – 60 months with order values starting from just £1,000 (ex. VAT). What’s more, the monthly repayment on this equipment is 100% tax deductible, allowing for greater savings versus buying outright.

If you have an opportunity you’d like to chat through with us, please give us a call on 01273 983 408 or alternatively contact your dedicated Account Manager today.

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